Thoughts on 2017 Golden Globes

Last Night the Golden Globes aired and they did not disappoint. Awards were given out to the best in multiple categories for both television and film. While I didn’t get to watch much TV this past year, I certainly did get to watch a lot of the nominated films. So here are some of my thoughts on the event.



La La Land’s Dominance – Damien Chazelle’s film La La Land put on a show last night by completely sweeping every category it was nominated for. Honestly, I’m not even surprised. I think this film is fantastic and is geared to win awards. While I would have loved to see films like Deadpool, Sing Steet, and The Edge of Seventeen get some love in these categories, it’s clear that this juggernaut movie was going to run the table. As we move forward with other award shows I believe La La Land will pick up A LOT of awards. This might have been an Oscars preview.



Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wins Best Supporting Actor – Aaron Taylor-Johnson winning this award was the one true shock of the night. It’s not to discredit his performance in Nocturnal Animals, but most people (myself included) believed that he wasn’t even the best supporting actor in that movie. I felt like Michael Shannon outperformed him, so Aaron getting nominated without Shannon also getting a nomination confused me. Even if they both got nominated I thought it was a lock that Mahershala Ali would take home this award for his amazing performance in Moonlight. Goes to show what I know.



Zootopia Wins Best Animated Film – This should have been a pretty stacked category at the awards. Kubo and the Two Strings, Zootopia, and Moana certainly deserve to be there, but I can’t ignore the snubs of anime films like Your Name and The Boy and the Beast. I understand that award shows don’t usually look at anime films unless Hayao Miyazaki’s name is attached to it in some way, but having Sing as a nominee after a lukewarm reception is baffling. If I put all of that aside, Zootopia is a worthy winner here. My pick would have definitely been Kubo, but I can appreciate an ambitious film with a message taking home the award.


Ryan Gosling Wins Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy Film – I said earlier that I wasn’t surprised that La La Land picked up all of the awards it did, but if there was one that was debatable, this was the one. I think Ryan Gosling had the best year of his career in 2016, and I think it was so good that he deserved to be nominated for two movies. I also believe he is deserving of this award, but it should have been for his other film. The Nice Guys is a film that is nowhere to be found on these nominations and I don’t understand it. I believe it’s the superior performance from Gosling. If we’re choosing a winner from the nominated actors, Ryan Reynolds was my number one choice because I think his portrayal of Deadpool was genius.



Award Snubs – I mentioned a few already so why not mention some more. From the movies I had seen this year I felt like the large majority of the nominees were deserving. There were a few movies and actors that didn’t get mentioned that certainly could have, so here’s where i’ll put those.

For best original song I thought it was insane that “Drive it Like You Stole It” from Sing Street did not get a nomination. It’s an exciting song that is empowering and very meaningful for the main character of the movie. I think it definitely could have taken the spot of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from Trolls.

For best animated film I think there were a bunch of other choices. As I mentioned before, the anime films Your Name and The Boy and the Beast were both fantastic movies that could have been there. Even Finding Dory could have sneaked in.

For best director I would have loved to see Denis Villeneuve for Arrival. This was one of the more crowded categories, but he did such an amazing job on that movie and I think he should have been nominated. Damien Chazelle was the clear winner in my eyes though.

For best screenplay The Nice Guys and Deadpool were good choices to put in. I think both of them had great wit and humor. Deadpool’s meta storytelling was something that caught people by surprise and worked on so many level. The banter between Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling alone was worthy of recognition in The Nice Guys. Also, The Edge of Seventeen was another possible choice here. The dialogue in the movie drove it home and I appreciated how the characters in the movie sounded like actual high school kids.

Best supporting actor is an award that in other award shows will likely have a lot of variation. John Goodman in 10 Cloverfield Lane, Ben Foster in Hell or High Water, and Michael Shannon in Nocturnal Animals would have all been welcome nominees. I think they’re all better performances than Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s.

As I mentioned earlier I would nominate Ryan Gosling for The Nice Guys in the best actor musical/comedy category. I would have also put Ferdia-Walsh Peelo from Sing Street because of how good he was singing, performing the music, and acting throughout the movie.


Overall, the Golden Globes was a good show. We’re inching closer and closer to the Academy Awards, which is what i’m looking forward to the most. I think their nominations will look a bit different because of other movies that will be eligible for those awards. Movies like Silence and Patriot’s Day are films I expect to make some noise in the big show, but only time will tell.






8 thoughts on “Thoughts on 2017 Golden Globes

      1. It’s always fun to read what other movie geeks think about awards shows. I liked “La La Land” but I wish the HFPA had shared the love a little bit. I was upset that it won Best Original Screenplay, I think that was the most undeserved award of the night.


      2. I can also see your point about Best Supporting Actor. Dev Patel just cried a lot; he was good but not great. I hated Jeff Bridges and his ridiculous accent. Simon Helberg was pretty delightful in a mostly forgettable movie. Mahershala Ali was great but his role was SO SMALL. I don’t know, I didn’t really see a clear favorite for me in that category. I think Michael Shannon should’ve been the one nominated (and the winner) from “Noctural Animals” instead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Too bad we weren’t the ones picking the winners, LOL.


      3. I actually loved Jeff Bridges and thought his accent was pretty spot on. Ali was the best despite his screen time being limited. Michael Shannon not even getting nominated just seems wrong. Lol Picking the winners would be hilarious.

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