Green Latern Corps Movie to Have Both Hal Jordan and John Stewart

After hearing basically nothing about a Green Lantern movie for so long, information has finally been given in regards to the premise of the film. The plan is to have both Hal Jordan and John Stewart be the focus of the film while having it play out like a buddy cop movie in space. I think this is a pretty smart idea that includes the two Green Lanterns that people have been wanting to see. Hal Jordan is the most well known Green Lantern. He is the character that most fans associate with the mantle. On the other hand John Stewart has some pull with more casual fans that were introduced to him through the Justice League animated series. Along with that we know the screenwriters for the film. David Goyer is returning after working on both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have mixed feelings about the choice because i’m not sure if he’s the person that can deliver this “Lethal Weapon in space” type of movie. After missing big with BVS, and knowing the tone of the movies he’s written, it’s hard for me to imagine this movie working as well as it sounds. I guess only time will.


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