Logan Final Trailer Reaction


Wow. That’s all I can say after the trailers we’ve received for the upcoming movie Logan. This is going to be to third Wolverine movie and marks the final time Hugh Jackman will play the character. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the Wolverine movies, and I’m not a big fan of Hugh Jackman, but everything about this movie makes me believe it has the potential to be something special. The R-Rated nature of the movie allows Logan to be every bit as gritty, violent, and bloody as a Wolverine film should be. Match that up with this modern Western vibe from the trailers and we have a recipe for success.

After the first Logan trailer that blew everyone away, people wondered how the next trailer would land up. What they showed us was everything we needed to see to be sold on this.

The beginning of the trailer at the store was a good way to start the trailer because it shows immediately that there will be some subtle humor in the movie. Wolverine comes in to snatch the girl we saw in the first trailer out of the store and takes some cigars on his way out. Considering that they’re obviously being chased down, this is a pretty cool little scene.

The next shot in the trailer is probably the most interesting shot. Wolverine holding an X-Men comic is genius. It’s a way to show that this movie is taking place way down the line after the X-Men have been around and ran their course. It’s also pretty realistic. I would imagine if a team of super powered people fought crime in our world, there would be comics written about them as well. It also indicates that Logan is going for a more grounded approach. His comments stating that the events in the comics mostly didn’t happen the way they were written, tells me that Logan is going to steer away from the fantastic elements of most comic book movies.

Later on, we’re shown the villain Donald Pierce beating up Wolverine rather easily. That shows us that he isn’t nearly as strong as he once was, and that this fight will be a struggle. I hope this struggle is emphasized because Wolverine being vulnerable and not appearing as the baddest dude on the screen is going to be very different from what casual movie fans know Wolverine to be.

The biggest piece of the trailer came in the confirmation that the little girl is actually X-23. Most people who knew of the character assumed the girl was X-23, but it’s great to get a confirmation from this trailer. When she takes out her claws for the first time and just rips some guys apart, it’s really impressive. The little detail I enjoyed was how there’s blood on her hand whenever the claws come out. It shows that in this power there’s still pain.

While all of this is going on, Professor X hasn’t really changed at all. He’s talking to Wolverine trying to show him that protecting this girl is the right thing to do. Of course Wolverine is not happy about it and I don’t blame him. Most of his friends are dead and he’s not nearly as powerful as he once was. I wouldn’t want to get involved either.

The money shot here is definitely the end where we get a taste of this raw and bloody action. Wolverine is ripping through guys left and right like we all know he’s capable of doing. He’s even getting help from X-23 which is exciting. I want to see how these grittier fight scenes play out.

Overall, this a fantastic trailer that hit all of the notes correctly. If there was one thing that could’ve gave away a bit too much,  it was showing Wolverine bleeding and holding a big wound. A lot of people are assuming Wolverine is going to die in this movie, so they might have shown what causes that death. Aside from that little nitpick, this trailer made me even more excited than I already was. March can’t come fast enough.





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