Ben Affleck Steps Down as Director of “The Batman”

After a lot of speculation that things were not going well backstage with Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie, he confirmed that he has stepped down as the director of the movie. It’s important to note that he has confirmed that he will be staying on board as both the character and producer.

What does this mean for the movie moving forward? Well obviously they’ll need a director that can come in to fill the shoes that Affleck left. Apparently Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves is a person they’re looking at. If you’ve seen either of the Apes movies it will become clear that he would be a fantastic choice. But even with that addition, I’m still pretty bummed out about this. Affleck is a fantastic director, and in my mind at least, it gave a comic book movie a chance to break that glass ceiling. Deadpool came very close to doing it, but just couldn’t make it. It took Christopher Nolan to get The Dark Knight nominated at the Oscars (8 nominations). I’m not saying movies require awards to validate them as good movies, but it would be pretty sweet to see a comic book movie show up in the nominations.

At least he’s still going to be playing Batman. I think he’s the best live action Batman we’ve seen so far, and I think he’ll continue to be great. Hopefully no more bad news comes from this project.


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