Oscars 2017 – Hopes Vs. Predictions

As many of you may already know, the Oscars are tonight. If you’ve kept up with my blog you’ll know that I do keep track of movie award season. I gave my thoughts on both the Golden Globes and Annie awards, so it’s only right to give some Oscar predictions. I’ll be running down quickly through all of the categories giving who I expect to win (my predictions), and who I hope will win. I won’t be addressing categories that I know very little of so don’t be alarmed if you notice one of them missing. Let’s get this started.

Best Picture

Prediction – La La Land

Want – Moonlight

La La Land is the odds on favorite in the show with good reason. It’s a fantastic film that hit all of the right notes and blew audiences away. While I found it more enjoyable than Moonlight, I can’t overlook how well Moonlight was put together. An intimate tale of a person trying to understand himself. It’s a beautiful movie that I think is so important.

Actor in a Leading Role

Prediction – Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

Want – Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

I don’t think Manchester by the Sea is the greatest film, but Casey Affleck was fantastic in it. He was able to capture this emotionally walled off man so well. If other award shows are any indication of what might happen, then it’s a 2 man race between Affleck and Denzel.

Actress in a Leading Role

Prediction – Emma Stone, La La Land

Want – Emma Stone, La La Land

This one feels like it’s a lock right now. Emma Stone was the total package in the film showing off her acting, singing, and dancing ability. Gosling was a good compliment to her, but she was the star.

Actor in a Supporting Role

Prediction – Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Want – Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

He wasn’t in the movie for very long, but Ali made a clear impact when he was. There are a lot of good performances in this category, but he’s the clear standout.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Prediction – Viola Davis, Fences

Want – Naomie Harris, Moonlight

Viola Davis as an actress is unstoppable. It’s clear she is one of the top acting talents in the world and she proved it again with this performance. There’s just something about Naomie’s haunting performance in Moonlight that really stuck with me.

Best Animated Feature Film

Prediction – Zootopia

Want – Kubo and the Two Strings

Zootopia looks to be a lock for this award and i’m not mad about that. It is an excellent movie with clever social commentary that serves as a movie for people of all ages. Kubo was just special to me. I watched it and was blown away by the spectacle of the movie. The mind blowing animation and awesome characters instantly made it one of my favorite animated movies ever. Hopefully some of his magic can help them pull this out.


Prediction – La La Land

Want – Arrival

The level of cinematography in La La Land can’t be denied, but Arrival was just as good, if not better in my mind. The one shot that stands out is when they show the spaceship for the first time and you get the sense of how big that thing really is. It was one of my favorite shots of the entire year.


Prediction – La La Land

Want – Hacksaw Ridge

This is an absolutely stacked category. Damien Chazelle was able to do some pretty impressive things with La La Land, especially the end sequence that I thought was gorgeous. Mel Gibson brought a very unique vision to Hacksaw Ridge. On one hand we have this really sweet love story that movie starts out with. That quickly shifts to a story about a man who refuses to compromise his beliefs, then eventually becomes a horrific war movie. It’s an excellent progression that blew me away. It’s a long shot, but I’m hoping Gibson can pull this one out.

Film Editing

Prediction – La La Land

Want – Moonlight

A lot of these categories will likely come down to La La Land vs. Moonlight. As I mentioned before, Moonlight is a beautifully put together movie that feels so intimate. A lot of that  charm comes from the way it was edited. So many longer shots that let the moment sink in for the audience. The movie felt almost dream like.

Makeup and Hairstyling

Prediction – Star Trek Beyond

Want – Suicide Squad

Honestly, I just want Suicide Squad to win so people can start calling it an Oscar winning movie. The thought of that makes me laugh.

Best Original Score

Prediction – La La Land

Want – La La Land

It’s a music category so this is an easy win.

Best Original Song

Prediction – “City of Stars” from La La Land

Want – “Drive it Like You Stole It” from Sing Street

I’m still not happy about the Sing Street snub so I want something to happen that would allow a song that’s not even a nominee to win the award. Seriously though, La La Land’s only competition in this category is itself. “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana is a beautiful song, but it’s dead in the water against this juggernaut.

Production Design

Prediction – La La Land

Want – La La Land

If a different movie wins I would be shocked.

Best Animated Short Film

Prediction – Piper

Want – Piper

Sound Editing

Prediction – La La Land

Want – Deepwater Horizon

This one looks like it might be a pipe dream, but Deepwater Horizon had some amazing elements in the film and I hope it gets acknowledged.

Sound Mixing

Prediction – La La Land

Want – Hacksaw Ridge

Sound mixing is an extremely important aspect during the war scenes and it was glorious.

Visual Effects

Prediction – The Jungle Book

Want – The Jungle Book

This one is an absolute lock and it is totally deserved. The Jungle Book is a beautiful movie that makes you forget that the animals are CG.

Adapted Screenplay

Prediction – Moonlight

Want – Moonlight

If this was original screenplay I might not have picked it, but in this category Moonlight is the favorite. A well crafted screenplay broken up into 3 parts that prefers to show its audience rather than tell.

Original Screenplay

Prediction – Hell or High Water

Want – The Lobster

Betting against La La Land in any of these categories is probably not the best idea, but Hell or High Water is my prediction. A modern western with some great character moments and some genuine thrills. It has an unexpected amount of heart in it. With all that said, I really want to see The Lobster win. It is one of the most uniquely written films I can remember ever seeing. It’s so ambitious and out there that I would love to see it take home the trophy.




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