Superbad Review

Sometimes it’s fun to look back at movies that remind you of when you were first exposed to certain actors. This is where Superbad comes in. While most of these actors didn’t make their actual debut in this film, I started hearing a lot more about them after watching the movie. It’s great to see how far they’ve come.

Superbad follows high school friends Seth (Jonah Hill), Evan (Michael Cera), and Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) as they attempt to get liquor for a party that their classmate Jules (Emma Stone) is throwing. A lot of random events occur that make this task a lot harder than it should be, which takes up the bulk of the movie’s runtime.

After watching the film a decade after its release, I can honestly say it’s still a funny movie that really capitalizes off of its awkward humor. Most of that humor comes from Michael Cera who was easily my favorite part of Superbad. The dude was born to play this type of role and it leads to some hilarious moments in the film. My favorite of them is when he’s running from one of the police officers. There’s something about how awkward he looks running that made me laugh really hard.

I also liked Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the film. He plays Fogell who is a complete nerd. He lands up getting a fake ID to get the liquor for the party. The only problem is that the name on the ID simply says McLovin. He tries to get the liquor and things go terribly wrong. It leads to him going on an adventure with these 2 police officers (Seth Rogan and Bill Hader). The way these guys play off of each other and the outrageous situations they get into are hilarious.

I remember when Superbad first came out, McLovin was pretty much the only name people kept saying. He left an impression on a lot of fans of the movie, and I completely understand why. To my knowledge this was also his first film. Over the years he hasn’t blown up like some of his co-stars, but he’s found a home in the How to Train Your Dragon films as well as making appearances in the Kick-Ass movies.

While those performances really worked for me, some other ones didn’t. I really did not like Jonah Hill in this film. It became obvious that Seth Rogan was one of the writers for Superbad whenever Jonah Hill spoke. His character’s name is even Seth (make of it what you will). The way he was written was what I expect every Seth Rogan character to be. For the most part he was an unlikable dude that curses a lot. I don’t know if anyone finds that funny or even remotely interesting, but I do not. Also, his motivation to get the liquor is because he likes Jules and wants to get her drunk. I understand he was most likely written to be the unlikable character, but at the very least he should be entertaining.

Emma Stone is also pretty forgettable as Jules. Granted, she wasn’t given a lot to do besides give off that girl next door vibe. She was serviceable in that role, but in retrospect, I wanted more out of her. At the very least I can take comfort in knowing that she went from roles like this, to winning an Academy Award.

Overall, I thought Superbad did its job. I got plenty of laughs out this film which is the only reason you would watch this movie to begin with. It’s great to take a trip down memory lane to see where certain actors started, and laugh when you think about how much they’ve grown and improved at their craft. While I didn’t enjoy the Seth character much, the scenarios in the movie are hilarious. They’re random enough and outrageous enough for me to laugh at, but not roll my eyes at. I can say I enjoyed it.

Superbad gets a 71/100


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