Critics v Fans: Dawn of Nonsense

I find the idea that critics and fans are considered completely different to be extremely stupid. I know this post might be coming out of nowhere, but this critics versus fans mentality has been on display around me for a while now. This idea started to really gain traction last year during the release of the DC movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. The general audience responded to the movie in a way more positive light than critics did. This idea started to come back to the forefront with the release of Marvel’s Iron Fist. While the series was getting completely thrashed by critics, there were people who saw the series who said “the critics got it wrong” because they thought it was good. That mentality is frustrating to come across and here’s why.

A review is just an opinion. I think people have this idea that reviewers are trying to tell you how you should feel about whatever they’re reviewing. That’s not really the goal for any reviewer that I interact with at least. On a personal level, reviews are just a way for me to get my opinions down in an organized way. Whether someone decides to agree or disagree with what I’ve written is completely fine. But once again it’s opinion…there’s no right or wrong.

Also, people like to believe that critics can’t be fans. As if they watch movies all time, but like none of them. I can assure you that there are plenty of reviewers that are DC fans (myself) that looked at those DC movies last year and laughed at how mediocre they were. Same with Iron Fist. I am a big fan of what Marvel has done with their Netflix shows, but Iron Fist is atrocious.

What I’m getting at is that this perceived divide between critics and fans should stop. We’re at a point that when I tell people that I like to write reviews they sometimes have this assumption of movies that I must like and dislike. It’s really silly, but critics are looked at as the villains a lot of times in movie discussions.

I think about the way people look at Rotten Tomatoes scores and I just wonder why all of the hate. Just because a movie you like has a 4% on RT doesn’t mean you should feel guilty or stop liking that movie. Maybe you should read through a negative review so you can see where that person is coming from.

I think I’m gonna end it there. This is a topic that I’ve wanted to speak on yet don’t have a whole to say about. I’ll settle for this mini rant and be on my way. If you have any thoughts on anything I mentioned I would love to hear it.


5 thoughts on “Critics v Fans: Dawn of Nonsense

    1. I absolutely agree that there should be an attempt to push the biases aside. Be a fan, but attempt to give a fair assessment of what you’ve watched. The idea of it being objective though is tricky. Reviews are inherently subjective.

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  1. This post makes me want to stand up and applaud. I 100% agree with everything you said. I am a fangirl AND a critic, and that’s okay. Of course critics have their fandoms, but I try to be fair to everything I watch, be it “high art,” “moronic comedy,” or “superhero blockbuster.” And you’re right — it’s just an opinion. I critique things to spark discussion and yeah, I want my readers to see the movies I love as well as the movies I hate. Debating is half the fun. Great post!

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    1. I appreciate this comment. When I wrote the post it was like 4:30 am so I kinda forgot I wrote it in the first place lol

      I agree completely with trying to start discussion. If I can sit down and have a productive conversation with someone about a movie I liked or disliked I consider that a win. My reviews at times work as a catalyst for those type of conversations.

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