Adam West Dies at Age 88

Another story that I’m really late with that I want to take a minute and speak about. When I heard the news that Adam West had passed away, it didn’t really phase me. He wasn’t the Batman of my generation and when I did go back and watch his version I was turned off by how goofy it was. After a few days of looking at fan art and understanding what Adam West’s portrayal of Batman meant to so many, I started to get emotional. I realized that him playing Batman was so much more than what you saw on screen.

Like every superhero it’s more about what they represent rather than what they actually do. Adam West played a character that inspired several generations of comic book fans and helped people get through some tough times. In that respect Adam West was way more of a hero than the character he played. He took a character that was dying in obscurity and brought him to forefront of television.  On top of that, 1966 Batman was the foundation that comic book movies were built upon. If that show wasn’t as successful as it was, who knows if we would have ever gotten 1978’s Superman or any of the movies that came out after that.

As someone who’s grown to love these comic book characters I appreciate his contribution. What shouldn’t be understated in all of this is that he was way more than just Batman. I never got to meet the guy myself, but the people I know who have say he was a really nice guy. I’m glad that before his passing, he was able to become relevant again as Mayor Adam West in Family Guy. There are also a couple of DC animated films that feature voices from the cast of the 1966 Batman. I should definitely try to get my hands on those.

I just wanna end by saying that news like this always sucks. There are some fights that shark repellent can’t help with.

RIP Old Chum




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