Thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Jorge and I would like to welcome you to my movie reality. I’m a guy who loves to speak about movies, and this gives me the platform to do just that. I’ll be talking about currently released movies and any movie news I feel is interesting enough to speak on. I’ll probably go back and talk about older movies too, but that’ll definitely be less common.

I won’t be just sticking to movies either. I’m a big fan of TV shows and anime especially. Expect me to delve into that territory from time to time.

People who read my reviews will notice my rating system. I use a rating out of 100 because it reminds me of a test score. Something about that type of rating is comfortable for me so don’t expect that to change. Depending on the score there might be a title awarded to whatever I’m reviewing. Those aren’t set in stone as I’ll be using different phrases to express how good or bad something is.

Enjoy the content!