1 Year of My Movie Reality

When I made this blog a year ago I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I started it as a new years resolution so that I could have a place to put all of my thoughts. I wasn’t sure if I would keep up with it considering how quickly I move from one thing to another, but here I am one year later.

As I look back at all of the reviews I’ve written I can say that I’m really proud of myself. I didn’t make this blog for tons of views, but I do appreciate anybody who’s taken the time out of their day to read what I write. While my reasons for writing are 100% selfish, it doesn’t change that the conversations I’ve had on this platform and the people I’ve spoken to are absolutely amazing.

So I just want to say thank you to my regular viewers who help make sure I reach my 8 to 10 views per post. You guys are the real MVP and deserve a pat on the back. Also, a big thank you to the bloggers that I follow. I do read your posts and I feel that it’s helped me get better at my own stuff.

In 2018 I’m hoping I can keep this up. Ideally I’d want to up the amount of content I put out, but who knows if that’s going to happen. I will try to expand more though. I want to get back to posting about interesting movie news. I want to review more anime because it is a medium that I do love. I also want to review more movies. All I know is that I’m excited about this blog.


End of the Year Wrap-Up: 5 Movies I Saw But Failed To Review

I was about to start my best movies list when I realized that there are certain movies on that list I didn’t get the chance to review. On top of that, there are a few other movies that I didn’t get a chance to review that I want to speak about. So as my holiday gift to you, here are some rapid fire reviews for your enjoyment.

Death Note


Netflix’s live action adaptation of the beloved anime Death Note is one of the year’s most interesting movies. From its inception, controversy surrounded the film due to the outcry claiming white washing.  When the movie was finally released it got slammed immediately for not staying true to the source material and raised the question of what actually makes a good adaptation. In all honesty, I really do like the attempt they made with this film. When I watch movies adapted from other material, I tend to put aside the source material in order to judge a movie on its own merits. This isn’t a great movie though, there are glaring issues here for sure. I still give credit to Adam Wingard for taking an established universe and shuffling the pieces in order to express his own creativity. Even if the pacing was atrocious and there were several logical inconsistencies, there was still a lot to like here. For one I loved Wingard’s approach to the cinematography. Some of the shots here are beautiful, especially with the use of lighting. Along with that we got some great performances out of Lakeith Stanfield and Willam Dafoe. Overall, it was an ambitious attempt that despite having great highlights, fell short of being good.

Death Note gets a 62/100


Blade Runner 2049



I never liked the original Blade Runner so it was going to take a lot to win me over with this sequel. Sadly, after its almost 3 hour run time I can’t say it did. This movie moves so slow that I caught myself falling asleep multiple times. I understand catching a moment and having the camera linger on certain things can help move the story. I don’t think that’s what happened here though. Sometimes it felt as if the director was saying “look at this beautiful camera shot.” Admittedly, the cinematography in the film is absolutely breathtaking. If the film doesn’t take home every cinematography award this year I would be shocked. Its beauty isn’t enough for me though. The story was okay and the performances were fine, but nothing special. Overall, it’s a technical achievement that I can appreciate more than I can enjoy.

Blade Runner 2049 gets a 73/100




Pixar’s latest attempt at making their audience cry comes in the form of Coco. A movie that celebrates Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). What this movie attempts to do is bring an authentic representation of Mexican culture through this holiday, and I believe they succeeded. Coco is a beautifully animated movie filled with a cool story and truly emotional moments. Thematically the movie hits on all fronts, tackling ancestry, family, and death. There are certain story points that are predictable and slightly rushed though. And it follows a similar formula to most Pixar movies. Those small problems don’t change that Coco was everything it was advertised to be.

Coco gets a 80/100





Easily the most criminally underrated movie of the year, Sleight is an original spin on the superhero genre. I love superheroes and I love when directors can take that premise and turn it on its head. The lead performance from Jacob Latimore is good enough on its own for admission, but there’s much more. There is this grounded emotional core at the heart of the movie that is complimented by its somber tone. The ending also leaves things open for a sequel. Considering this film was made with a $250,000 budget I think a sequel is likely.

Sleight gets an 85/100


Spider-Man: Homecoming


It was really hard for me be excited about Spider-Man: Homecoming when I heard it was being made. We’ve already been through 2 other Spider-Man franchises so this felt like overkill. Once I actually saw it though, I came out pretty happy. Spider-man: Homecoming is an extremely fun ride. I know some people are holding out saying Tobey Maguire is the one true Spider-Man, but those people are insane. Tom Holland is easily the best on screen Spider-Man we’ve been given so far. He’s complimented amazingly by Michael Keaton’s Vulture too. Keaton gives the best performance of the movie and is my favorite comic book movie villain of the year by far.

Spider-Man: Homecoming gets an 83/100